Run me round again :: SOTD


Keep Art Alive :: “Offerings” :: Art by Kelly Haigh

“The sawed off tree-trunks stand among the living palms,
you were beaming as I focused in and I panned along ,
and I raced you to the top.”

Stocking runs under the sun (1989)
by me

Dirt covered fabric torn at a side-seam
this dress was never meant for heights like these

Your threadbare sweater frays
I tug at the edges
unraveling us

Sunrise looks just like carnival cotton candy
from this top of the world
will we shake and crash
if a train comes?

Brown eyes gone green staring deep into your wide blues
I would jump
if you took my hand

This is nineteen years in L.A.

Dogs of L.A. :: Liz Phair

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