Keep Art Alive :: “Squid Baby” :: Art by Kelly Haigh

“But I’m not the girl you once put your faith in,
just someone who looks like me.”

Catastrophe’s Star
by me

Optimism swirls into yellowing skies
turning into the beauty ugly creates
“the smog brings our sunsets”
the siren’s song of this broken city
as I rot out my insides
becoming this smaller version of me

Sideways glances change the calculations
transformations happening quicker than we wish
just like all the dying

Devotion sinks into green-grey water
drowning the functioning creatures of the sea
“the pills make us human”
waking these streets with crooked smiles
as our centers cave in
hearts leaking out the cages of safe keeping

Looking back we see where happily ever after went
dissolution in bloodless signatures
just like all this lying

I’m not the girl who once made you laugh
carrying coffee and lighting the skies
thinking you her very best dream
I’m just a shadow play of memory
breaking into pieces
forgetting both of our names

Humpty Dumpty (live) :: Aimee Mann
Originally from the album, Lost in Space (2002)

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