Now Hear This :: Lost Weekend :: Pete Yorn

Another new song from Pete Yorn’s upcoming album, ArrangingTime (set to release on March 11 – pre-order now HERE) is out today…

(If you pre-order you will get early access to tickets to his upcoming U.S. tour! He’s incredible live, so its well worth it…)

Lost Weekend :: Pete Yorn
from the upcoming album, ArrangingTime

“Straight outta suburbia,
straight outta the basement.
Had another lost weekend –
need another vacation.”

The song hit my airwaves (via Spotify) last night, right as I was driving through downtown Los Angeles. I have this thing for downtown at night, the lights, the skyline towering around me, the meeting up of memories and possibilities. This song, playing loudly from my speakers, and the city around me, was just about as perfect as a first listen ever could be.

There is beauty here, there is sadness, hope, desperate hope in a way, a restless kind of yearning, and so much possibility – kind of like the way I see LA at night. Kind of like the way I see life.

The musical setting of this song is cinematic to me, different than music Pete has released before. The opening had me thinking of a plethora of images – the opening shots of Donnie Darko, pages of Douglas Coupland’s Shampoo Planet, moments from Freaks and Geeks and Six Feet Under, and scenes from Garden State. I’m not sure why they all played in my head, but they did, a flicker of scenes, one-by-one.

Later in the song, the line about coming out of the dressing room, new clothes and falling, brought to life a scene in my novel I’m writing – enough so that I had to immediately flush out another part of it when I got home, playing the song on repeat as I did. Yorn’s music has been a muse to me so often – a gift really, one I’m grateful for.

The song itself is already a favorite to me, and makes me all the more anticipatory for ArrangingTime. The video unfolds like a film, and I am left wanting more of the story. I want to see the drummer and the girl with such unforgettable eyes continue in this world, weave in and out of each other’s lives, find their way, or lose it, as we all do. I want to see what happens when they are straight outta suburbia, and straight outta the basement.

I came from suburbia myself – there are so many places to go from there. Weekends to lose and find yourself in, lies and truths to tell, love to find and lose, and sometimes find again. Mostly yourself to find and lose, and find again, too. There are so many stories tucked inside this song. I can’t wait to see what comes next.


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