My heart was haunted with the ghost of all my doubt :: SOTD


Keep Art Alive :: “Soft Moss” :: Art by Kelly Vivanco

“I wouldn’t trade,
I wouldn’t sell,
come high water or hell,
I’m gonna love you well.
If you were the ground
I’d lay in the dirt,
throw on the rocks and let it hurt –
cause I’ve been homeless,
and a slave to loneliness.”

The boy from the trees
by me

From the trees above,
hanging precariously,
upside down,
our matching eyes promising

I hung there too,
on days you fell to the ground,
sleeping in the wreckage,
breathing easier in the green

Climbing until my knees scraped,
everyone always mistaking me as something new,
but you saw me dirty,
blamed and bloody

But now you carry the ax,
blade rough and ready ,
to take the branches down,
burning away our memory

We are lost now,
in all this unblocked sun,
camouflaged in the scattered leaves,
disguised in ash and rubble

I miss the shade,
the bark and the sap,
the lean and the sway,
I miss the roots of this thing we lost
at the beginning.

You & I :: Honeyhoney
from the album, 3 (2015)

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