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Start your new year off right and catch a Tony Lucca show – see dates above, or check them out here. Tony is one of my all-time favorite singer-songwriter, musicians and live performers. Trust me on this, his shows are incredible.

I will be at the Los Angeles and San Diego shows if you want to come join me (for those of you in the Southern California area). If he’s not playing near you yet (keep checking here for a show near you), you should really check out his music. The following are my top ten favorite songs of his.

10. Vienna (live)

“But you know that when the truth is told,
that you can get what you want,
or you get old.”

9. Nobody’s Perfect

“Easy come,
easy go.
You don’t have a clue until you know.”

8. Death of Me (live)

“You told me you’d always be there,
guess I must have heard you wrong.”

7. Delilah (When the Lights Go Out)

“She can roll with your body,
she can hide in your mind,
she can set you on fire
like the Lord’s on her side.”

6. The Hustler, the Widow, & the Boy from Detroit (live)

“If it were up to me, darlin’,
you know I’d stay.”

5. Never Make it Out Alive

“I take a long look,
you took a second glance.”

4. Los Angeles (in the Rear View)

“Los Angeles,
in the rearview.
How’d it come to this?
What was I to do?”

3. True Story (live)

“Now I’m back in Hollywood,
this guitar in my hand,
these days I’m only using words that I can understand.”

2. Pretty Things (live with Keaton Simons)

“I’ve been reading all the letters that you wrote me,
and all the fairy tales you sold me,
and all the pretty things you said.
I cant stop thinking about the way that you control me,
and now you wish you’d never known me,
oh how I wish you’d come and hold me,
hold me,
hold me.”

1. Smoke Em’ (live)

“Don’t give up on love,
it’s bound to turn up again.”


4 thoughts on “Tony Lucca :: My Top 10

  1. Doug Fir!!!!!!!!!! Man seeing him there would be amazing. I guess I miss two things from Portland. Doug Fir is the best.

  2. Hah! And here I am again. Your blog is full of sweet treats. Tony is a friend of mine, and one of the best people you could ever meet. Beautiful family as well. Cheers to you! (and to Tony!)

    1. Tony is one of the nicest, most genuine musicians I have ever met. He is one of my favorite artists – if you click on his tag you can see a few other things I’ve written on his music, a live review, an interview, too. He’s talented.

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