She is dancing away from you now :: SOTD


Keep Art Alive :: “Tugboat” :: Art by Kelly Vivanco

“And it all comes down to you,
well you know that it does, well –
lightning strikes,
maybe once,
maybe twice.”

Memory (in the raindrops)
by me

Shadows fade across the sand
I watch them fading fast
footsteps will be the next to go
spots where your boots sank deep
as you walked into the sun
the ocean she’ll come to wash them away

You called me your gypsy that day
tucking a flower in my hair
spinning circles with naked
out in the rain
whispering oh my darling
you make me feel crazy, wild and free

You made me at home then
back in those early days
of coffee cups and ocean views
the fear blew in though
right off our port-o-call
carried on the wings of a black-winged curse

Now I’m just a memory
echoing through rooms you’ll box up soon
and you live in my shattered parts
in tear stained cheeks
and all those lies I tell
singing that I don’t love you anymore

Gypsy :: Fleetwood Mac
from the album, Mirage (1982)

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