Pretty in Pink (1986)
Written by John Hughes
Directed by Howard Deutch

I have seen Pretty in Pink more times then I can remember. The first time, in the theater, I can recall as if it was yesterday, but each following time are to numerous to mention, or point out individually. Every watch, or nearly every one, I have a new reaction to the film. Much like favorite books I’ve read, and re-read, the experience, and my perspective, shifts as I change in my life.

As a younger version of me I was a Duckie-girl. I was “Team Duckie”, before there were such things as fandom “Teams”. His dedication to her appealed to me perhaps because I did not have someone in my life like that. I didn’t see the way he pushes her too hard, the way e lets his emotions, and feelings for her, control his reactions. I missed her feelings in it completely.

Much later in life I started to look at Blane. I tried to see what Andie saw in him. I tried to see him in all this. I always found him weak, never seeming to stand up for her, or for himself. But, I had to remind myself that these are adolescents and that I was not so strong or sure at that age either. Still though, I want to like him, I do, but I just don’t. Maybe in moments, at the start, but mostly no.

I started to watch it again today, getting through about half of the film while on my lunch break at work. I will finish the other almost-half left tomorrow. How I felt today? Well, it was similar to the last time I watched it actually, and ties in to a conversation I had with a friend, and fellow blogger about it. What about Steff? Yes, he’s a jerk. He’s open about being a jerk. But, he is also very interested in Andie, at times I think much more than he even realizes.

He’s strong, but only shows it in being an ass. They have chemistry, she holds her own with him, and goes pretty toe-to-toe. Would he have stuck up for her, for himself, if she’d ever given him a chance to be with her? Would she have ever liked him at all? I think maybe not, but I can’t help but wonder – what if?

In the end I’m really just “Team Andie” and root for her to go and make big things out of her life. I hope she stays in touch with Iona and, of course, with her Dad, and yes, Duckie, too (as a friend). But yeah, I’m always “Team Andie”.

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  1. And this is perfect timing because it’s going to be in theatres again soon! I know it plays now & then somewhere out there at 80s movie nights or retro tuesday nights like at my local drive-in but I’ve never seen it on the big screen so I hope it comes to Buffalo!!
    In the end I guess it is just Team Andie. She’s one of the few characters from these types of movies (or Hughes movies at least) that I can confidently imagine living the life she wants with success 10-15 years after graduation and she won’t have to look back. I’m happy for her.

    1. It was you and I that discussed the possibility of Steff awhile back – do you remember? 🙂

      But yes, in the end it is Team Andie, and I completely agree – I think she accomplished whatever she set out to do (fashion design? running a business? CEO?)
      They are re-releasing it in the theater? When? I saw it in the theater when it was released – but I’d LOVE to see it again.

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