Pretty in Pink (1986) :: Monday Movie Soundtracks

One of my all-time favorite soundtracks that I have played, and played, and played so many times ever since seeing the film. I have had it on vinyl, cassette and CD. I had it first on cassette, and I wore it out, and had to buy a new one. The replacement tape I found recently in a case I used to carry with me in my first car. It was holding court with many well-played (and loved) mix tapes, and a few other albums.

Pretty in Pink :: The Psychedelic Furs

Music weaves in-and-out of the entire movie, highlighting emotional moments and story arcs, but rarely becoming a complete movie-music moment except in two instances. The first is the notorious Duckie-dance scene in Trax, the record store Iona owns, and Andie works in. He dances, and lip-syncs to Otis Redding’s Try a Little Tenderness, though the song does not appear on the official soundtrack album.

Try a Little Tenderness scene

The other pinnacle music-movie scene is OMD’s If You Leave, featured during the final kiss between Blane and Andie.

If You Leave scene

One of my favorites plays early on the soundtrack. Suzanne Vega’s Left of Center seemed to fit Andie so well, her character, and circumstance. One could say it fits Iona, Duckie, and in some ways, even Blane.

Left of Center


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