List bands that should not have broken up :: MusicListography

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List bands that should not have broken up :: MusicListography
courtesy of Music Listography : Your Life In (Play)Lists
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Editor’s Note: Commenting on who should not have broken up musically feels like weighing in on couples who should not have broken up, which makes me instantly think “who am I to judge on who should stay together, or break apart?” That said, I am choosing to interpret this question as who do I wish had not broken up for my own potentially selfish music fan reasons.

1. The Beatles

Penny Lane

2. Nirvana

All Apologies

3. The White Stripes

Dead Leaves & the Dirty Ground

4. The Velvet Underground

After Hours

5. R.E.M.


6. Rilo Kiley

A Better Son/Daughter

7. James

Say Something

8. Travis

Writing to Reach You

9. 10,000 Maniacs

Verdi Cries

10. Inxs

Don’t Change

11. The Civil Wars

Poison & Wine

12. Oasis

Champagne Supernova

13. The Police

Don’t Stand So Close to Me

14. The Stone Roses

This is the One

15. The Dresden Dolls


16. The Clash

Train in Vain

17. Pixies

Here Comes Your Man

18. Fleetwood Mac


19. Throwing Muses

Counting Backwards

20. Roxy Music

More Than This

21. Belly

Feed the Tree

22. Blondie

Sunday Girl

23. The Go-Go’s

Head Over Heels

24. Abba

Take a Chance on Me

25. Whiskeytown

16 Days

26. Bauhaus

She’s in Parties

27. Joy Division


28. Journey


29. Letters To Cleo

Here & Now

30. Grant Lee Buffalo


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