Seat by the window, please :: MOTD


Almost Famous (2000)
Written & Directed by Cameron Crowe

Penny Lane is one of my all-time favorite characters, one that I relate to, albeit sometimes painfully, and one that I root for not just in the story we see unfold in Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous, but in the story I hope her to have after the credits roll. It is her story arc that has the most growth, I think, and it is her character whose want and need are realized (or at least the start of it realized) and her antagonist faced, and if not exactly conquered, survived and left behind.

Penny has an unconventional love triangle that unfolds for her, whether she wanted it, or not. In the end, when Russell calls her, says he wants to come to her this time, there is always this part of me that wonders what would have happened if she’d given him her address. If he had come to her and they had been given a slightly more “real world” moment to be together in. Or, what would have happened if she’d showed up at William’s door instead of sending Russell there. What if she’d come into his bedroom that afternoon?

Morocco. Seat by the window, please.” ~ Penny Lane

In the end, I’m glad she chose neither, that she chose herself, that she chose Morocco for a year (or more) and that she got herself in the end. That moment, with Penny at the airport, asking for a window seat, inspires me, and makes me feel stronger. I think this coming year Morocco (in theory) waits for me. I’ll take a window seat, too.


Tangerine :: Led Zeppelin

2 thoughts on “Seat by the window, please :: MOTD

  1. There’s just something so special about this movie. Whether it’s the characters, the music, the writing, or a combination of all three, everyone I know of a certain age absolutely LOVES this movie. And possibly the best movie soundtrack ever.

    1. I agree. There is something to it, a combination of somethings, as you said, that makes it magic to me, and many people I know “of a certain age”. And YES, it definitely has one of the best movie soundtracks ever. YES.

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