Keep Art Alive :: “Crown Fire” :: Art by Adam Caldwell

“We could talk if days weren’t so fast,
and mistakes just leave it so unsure.
Wanna hold you like never before.”

(still) falling
by me

Some days it all seems clearer,
despite this haze of green and gold,
the cacophony of morning
“This smog feels like home”,
you used to say.

Yet among the in-between –
the fury and fray,
the visual squint-to-see,
this nighttime color scheme collides
light pollution, day-to-night
tagging us possibility.

“This city is home to me,”
I whisper –
like your house above the ocean,
like the crook of your arm,
like the feel of your breath
on my skin.

All of it feels just like
you and me
(still) falling.

Falling (live) :: Ben Kweller
originally from the album, Sha Sha (2002)

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