2015My Top 30 Albums of 2015 :: 25-21

25. Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Think :: Courtney Barnett
Marathon Artists
Released March 15, 2015

SIJS-2400What I originally said about the album (here):

Witty and thought-provoking sung storytelling, this album caught be completely by surprise, in the best way. At first glance (listen), the stories are very slice of life, but on the second or third play you start hearing the complexities to these life snapshots, the layers to these people and moments, and the real stories start to take shape, and at times, all that is set to catchy beats make this album hard to resist. There is something very 90’s Liz Phair meets Pavement about this album to me.


I put on this album while I drive to-and-from work and get lost in the stories in that same kind of way that I lose myself in short stories collections. I want to see each song written into a story, animated, acted on in a series of short films. I’ve pictured, and cast, each one out in my head, yes, yes I have.

Top 3 songs:

Depreston, Nobody Really Cares if you Don’t Go to the Party and Pedestrian at Best 


24. No Cites to Love :: Sleater-Kinney
Sub Pop
Released January 20, 2015


What I originally said about the album (here):

I missed new release day for this album to review, but I did write this about buying the album at Resistor Records.

So, I almost got out of the store with two records in my bag (and one on order – Butch Walker’s Afraid of Ghosts will be mine soon – YES), when I stopped to ask what was playing in the store. I’d been listening the entire time I was browsing and kept thinking “this is really good.”, “this is damn good.”, “who is this?”. The band was Ex Hex, Mary Timony’s new thing that somehow I had missed when it was released in October 2014. The sticker on the album had multiple explanation marks, a “mark” of excitement and recommendation from the store, and I had to have it. While talking about the album I was also urged to pick-up the new Sleater-Kinney that I’d been meaning to hear. The sticker on this one was noted to be a “Resistor Recommendation” and it made its way home with me, as well.


This album makes me mourn the loss of never being in all-girls rock band. This album makes me scream-sing-a-long in that reckless abandon/revelation-revolution/get all your emotions out kind of way. This album should be played so very, very loud.

Top 3 songs:

A New Wave, Price Tag and Hey Darling.

A New Wave

23. Goon :: Tobias Jesso, Jr.


What I originally said about the album (here):

A few weeks ago a co-worker of mine came running in my office raving about a new song he just heard and that I had to hear, too. The song was How Could You Babe, one of the tracks off of this fantastic new album. I love the seventies singer-songwriter feel to this album, a style I have always been so fond of. I can hear some Elton John, some George Harrison, some Paul McCartney, some ELO (especially Crocodile Tears), with a little something else that is a little more edgy, a little more indie, a little more now; a post-modern piano man with strong inspirational ties to the seventies, hell yeah!


This entire album feels cut and sliced right out of my childhood. The comparisons I made in the original review still stick – Elton, ELO, Paul, George – I still hear them all in it, and it takes me back to my seventies bedroom, me lying on the floor in corduroy bell-bottoms and over-sized headphones. I have a soft spot for music from the seventies, and a definite soft spot for this entire album (I’m also such a sucker for songs about Los Angeles, and this album is full of them, too).

Top 3 songs:

How Could You Babe, Leaving LA and Hollywood

How Could You Babe

22. Honeymoon :: Lana Del Rey
Interscope Records
Released September 18, 2015


What I originally said about the album:

Album not included in review posts.


Lana fits into this deep part of me, her music soothing and sultry, emotional and haunting, and inspiring to my own thoughts and dreams and writing. This album is complex, dark, melancholic, beautiful, dreamy and again, inspiring, to my own art. I get lost in the songs, swirling around in imagery and senses and feeling.

Top 3 songs:

Terrence Loves You, Don’t Let Me be Misunderstood and 24

Terrence Loves You

21. 1989 :: Ryan Adams
Released September 21, 2015


What I originally said about the album (here):

I didn’t review the album, but I did write this about one of the songs off of it:

I want to say first that I loved this song since I heard Taylor Swift perform it live at a charity show I took my daughter to, and it was the song I couldn’t stop playing from her album, 1989, when I first bought it. I want to make that clear because I do not like the tone of so many reviews of Ryan’s cover album of 1989 that try to say that he validated these songs, made them better, gave them depth that wasn’t there before – because the depth was always there, the interpretation is the only thing changed.

The song was always heart breaking to me, but I will say that Ryan’s rendition, the way he slowed it down and the way his voice breaks while he sings it, makes it break even more for me when I hear it. The hope we all have when we first fall for someone, even if it is tentative, even if we are afraid to acknowledge it, afraid to believe in it, it is beautiful all the same, and oh so very human. That desire to hold on, to feel a sense of certainty and safety, to think that this love might stay, even if it never does, is fucking beautiful. That wanting to be “in the clear”, it hurts to think on sometimes, that innocence that can be shattered so easily, but can be realized, too.


Though I love the original album, too (Taylor Swift’s 1989), this full album interpretation from Ryan Adams is incredible. Some songs cut so deep that I wind up in tears every single time I listen (especially Out of the Woods), and others, they take on a different story told through a different voice and perspective. This is a testament to both brilliant songwriting, and interpretation, from both Taylor and Ryan.

Top 3 songs:

Out of the Woods, Blank Space and This Love

Out of the Woods

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