My Top 30 Albums of 2015 :: 30-26


My Top 30 Albums of 2015 :: 30-26

2015 has been an amazing year of music for me. So many albums were released that I fell head over heels over ears in love with. Full albums, listening to them incessantly from start to finish in a way I have not done since my adolescence, and early twenties. I tended toward playing full albums this year almost as much, and as often, as I played playlists, which is a first in a long, long time.

I also went to more live shows this year than any other year in my life. There were months where I went to multiple shows every week, sometimes on my own, an experience that changed a part of me, sparking a new level of independence and confidence in myself. The albums I fell hard for also helped to spark many changes in my life, as well as played magical muse to much of the writing I’ve done. Though I had a bit of a struggle narrowing this list down to thirty, I managed to do it, and put together an accompanying playlist to go along with it (listen here).

As I did last year, I will break this up in fives so that each post is not overwhelmingly long, and so I can also add some initial album commentary, and how I feel about the album now.

So, without further ado (I always love saying that), here are my Top 30 albums of 2015:

30) Coming Home :: Leon Bridges
Columbia Records
Released June 23, 2015


What I originally said about the album (here):

Everything about this album feels good to me, the throwback vibe, the soul sensibility, the musicality, the way it makes me want to sway and sing-a-long; I want to swim around in this album for days and days. This is definitely on my growing list of favorite albums of the year. Leon’s voice reminds me of Sam Cooke, and that is a HUGE thing for me to say.


Sam Cooke still comes to mind, which is still one hell of a thing for me to say as Sam is one of my all-time favorites ever. This has been my go-to album when I have needed a pick-me-up, and when I was full of longing and day-dreaminess. This album makes me want to get all dressed up in one of my favorite vintage dresses, and go dancing.

Top 3 songs:

Coming Home, Smooth Sailin’ and Shine

Coming Home

29. Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied :: The Fratellis
Cooking Vinyl
Released August 21, 2015


What I originally said about the album (here):

Oh The Fratellis, how I have been longing for a new album of songs from this band. I still obsessively love and listen to Costello Music (their debut) and am quite fond of Here We Stand and We Need Medicine, but I have to say, Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied may replace them all as my absolute favorite. Complex, charismatic, melodic, genre-crossing, lyrically rich, and just all-around wonderful – I am so loving this album!


Though Costello Music is still my all-time favorite, this one is a very close second. Driving music at its finest, this album accompanied many, many early mornings in Los Angeles freeway traffic whilst I commuted back-and-forth to work — it also works great for a road trip, especially through the desert. This album is just another piece of evidence that makes me wonder why this band isn’t so much bigger than they are.

Top 3 songs:

Imposters (Little by Little), Baby Don’t You Lie to Me! and Medusa in Chains

Imposters (Little by Little)

28. Wilder Mind :: Mumford And Sons
Island Records
Released May 4, 2015


What I originally said about the album (here):

My anticipation for the new Mumford And Sons album has swung the pendulum of indecision since I heard the first released single, which felt too pedestrian and forgettable (I was somewhat wrong though, because it has started to get to me, and is not forgettable), to when I heard the second released single, that took my breath away and had me obsessively hitting repeat. That latter song was more of an indication of how I’d feel about the album in its entirety, meaning that the album is already getting a ton of repeat plays, and there are songs on here that I just cannot get enough of. These songs seem to fit right into that place I needed them to land, playing soundtrack to a notable time of change in my life that is just beginning; I really needed this album.


This album grew dearer to my heart as the year unraveled, especially the song Only Love, which makes me cry every time I play it. The Wolf became one of my go-to songs for playlists and playing and singing-a-long loudly. This is my favorite Mumford And Sons album, by far.

Top 3 songs:

Only Love, The Wolf and Cold Arms

The Wolf

27. Self-Titled :: Natalie Prass
Released January 26, 2015


What I originally said about the album:

I missed this album when it first came out, in January.


I discovered Natalie about halfway through the year (thanks, Ryan Adams), and have been digging her sound and songs and style ever since. There is a seventies-sensibility to her debut album that reminds me of records my mom played when I was growing up – a little Carole King, a little Carly Simon. This album is infectious, growing on me more and more with each new listen.

Top 3 songs: 

Why Don’t You Believe in Me?, Never Over You and My Baby Don’t Understand Me

Why Don’t You Believe in Me?

26. Self-Titled :: Nathaniel Rateliff And The Nights Sweats
Concord Records
Released August 21, 2015


What I originally said about the album (here):

Delicious blues that are sexy and strong and edgy and just damn fine to listen to. Peppered with Old-Timey Country, Americana, Soul and Rock and Roll, this is a must hear album in the “new soul” genre. If this doesn’t make you want to dance, and take someone home with you (or take the person you are with to bed), then I don’t know what will.


Reminiscent of the kind of country music my aunt used to play on her 8-track player when I was a young girl, this album fits into this gooey-soft, sentimental and sometimes sad side of me. There is melancholy here, there is dance the blues off you here, and there is something so beautiful, too. It is one of those albums that every time I play I decide “no, no this is my favorite song”, changing that “favorite” with each listen.

Top 3 songs: 

S.O.B., I’ll be Waiting and Howling at Nothing


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