You knew just what I was there for :: SOTD


“Blue moon,
you saw me standing alone –
without a dream in my heart,
without a love of my own.”

Moon Healing
by me

This is my part of the porch
cold cement, rain dripping from rafters,
ash on the petals as my toes turn to ice.
A lovely little heat vampire waiting to suck you dry.

That manic cat still smiles from the stars,
peering down at me, coming unglued,
I think this time he’ll fall.

A frog leaps from my hair,
taking too many stories with him –
tangled, tattered, tripped on bent legs.
I could kiss him.
Isn’t that what they say?
Press close these poisoned lipped-wishes
change you into a man.

I left my soul on the side of the road
You can see it when you drive by –
rotting and reeling in the guilt treaded tire marks
of what if…what if…what if.

Maybe I should open a vein.
Maybe I should close the blinds.
Maybe I should shut my mouth and wait for the endorphin rush.

I want you to see past this escalation,
the drama queen purr and pounce;
find the reason
in the girl
the whore
the mother-of-pearl
on this spot, on this porch, in the rain.

Take out that monster of regret
with caffeine,

The moon is your voice;
I can hear it
hoarse from too much
and too little.

Give me a kiss before the credits roll.
Keep me sane, chained
and satisfied,
even as my heart –
she wanders.

Blue Moon Revisited (Song for Elvis) (live) :: Cowboy Junkies

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