She hides the television :: SOTD


Keep Art Alive :: Art by Aaron Nagel

“She don’t mean no harm,
she just don’t know what else to do about it.”

by me

Jane wakes the demons
shaking them aside
they scatter like dead skin
like ladybugs in Spring
like the disregardĀ in his grey eyes

The room goes middle-of-night cool
her skin reacts immediately
spidery webs taking shape up her arms
and down her curving spine

She means to phone someone

That’s what your to do on days like this
when a body goes cagey and half-empty
her bare feet snagging the carpet
stepping over strewn newspapers
frozen dinner wrappers
and regrets

Jane thinks he’ll sleep forever
slumpedĀ over in reverence
praying to vein spikes
and the god of sinners
and boxes of saltines

Jane Says (live) :: Jane’s Addiction

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