There’s a taste in my mouth :: SOTD


The light just radiates
by me

“Is my timing that flawed?
Our respect runs so dry –
yet there’s still this appeal,
that we’ve kept through our lives.”

Early morning at that house in the cliffs,
three left turns from Malibu.
I woke to find you watching me sleep,
the salty ocean air sneaking in through half-open windows,
gifting chills across our naked bodies.

For hours we said nothing,
becoming a tangled mess of hair and skin,
your body inseparable from mine. All language deemed unnecessary as everything fell silently into place.

That line creased between your dark eyes –
I made a baker’s dozen worth of wishes on it while you stared down at me,
your hands holding me so still.

Before the words arrived, before we broke the spell,
after you kissed lyrics into the curve of my spine, playing me like one of your guitars, strumming a new song for our bodies to sing –
I smiled at you crookedly, offering my name up to yours.

We breathed a future into our lungs that morning,
exhaling complications, ignoring the mark on your left hand where a ring should be.

I wonder now while you’re away from me, the buzz of a lawn mower and a three crow caw startling you awake,
while you lie there in her arms, and I still here next to him.
Do you feel me reaching inside your memory?

Pulling the sheets back over us as we return to that house, in the cliffs, three left turns from Malibu, up there far above the sea.

Love Will Tear Us Apart Again :: Joy Division

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