Keep Art Alive :: “Someone Else” :: Art by Stella Im Hultberg

“Give me a reason to love you.
Give me a reason to be,
a woman.”

This vanishing scar
by me

We let go –
long fingers once combined
turning to brittle breaking leaves.

What once was, is gone.
Words connected in a cool blue room
becoming a misguided melody.

We let go –
limbs twisting into knots of desire
pulled apart into separate singularity.

What once was, is gone.
Dreams overlapping across worn bed-sheets
transformed into isolated insomnia.

We let go –
Vows exchanging in a Vegas chapel
gambled away as last cashed-in chips.

We let go –
hearts-beating out the rhythm of a waltz,
changed now into riotous rock-and-roll.
And what once was, is gone.

Glory Box :: Portishead

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