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Rough Magick Anthology
Collection of stories curated by Francesca Lia Block and Jessa Marie Mendez
E-book available for $3.99 here

Have you ever fallen in love with the wrong person? Have you ever obsessed over an ex in an unhealthy way? Have you ever felt lost in love? Consumed by love? In a love that felt dark and dangerous? Do you believe that love is magical? Do you long for stories about love that are different and complex, subversive, passionate, unusual, breathtaking, complicated and/or possibly otherworldly?

If you answered yes to any of the above, or more than one of the above (or, well, all of them like me), Rough Magick Anthology is waiting to be your next obsession.


This amazing collection of stories about love are all those things, and more. These stories are addictive, gorgeously written, raw, wild, brave and bold, and overwhelmingly wonderful. They are full of heart and soul and love and all those in-between places that make us ache and dance and blush rose colors and open our eyes so very wide and weep and wail and rejoice. These stories are a rough magick, in the best possible way.


I have read them all, and then set the pages back and read them again. I have my favorites, but I’d rather you read them ALL and find your own favorites (oh, and then come tell me what they are).


I’ve fallen so hard for these stories that I’ve even started to put together a playlist to go along with the collection. Perhaps when I’m done I will share it here, too.

Authors featured: Amanda Yates Garcia (the Oracle of Los Angeles), Jessa Marie Mendez (co-curator, as well), Ashley Inguanta, Daniel Weizmann, Mary Pauline Lowry, Justina Aura Nemoy, Sarah Herrington, Francesca Padilla, Alise Wascom, Tracy DeBrincat, Manuel Chavarria, Denise Hamilton, Laura Lee Bahr, Logan Brendt (who is also the model in the book photos above, and book cover designer), Genevieve Salazar, Jilly Dreadful, K.T. Ismael, Kira Lees, Tegam Webb, C.N. Blakemore and Francesca Lia Block.

All that talent for only $3.99. What are you waiting for? Go now go!!!


7 thoughts on “Rough Magick Anthology :: Your next obsession

      1. Thank you so much, so nice of you to say – with school and working on a novel, not sure I’d have time – but would try to make time, for sure, if the opportunity arose. How’s school going for you?

      2. You’d fit right in from the excerpts you shared–so up your alley!
        Thanks for asking; School is challenging and busy. I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving break & finishing the semester. How about you?

      3. I love school. Once the quarter is over I will be writing a post about the experience. It is very VERY challenging and I, too, look forward to a small break over Thanksgiving and 3 weeks off in December before my Winter quarter starts. I want to hear about your school when you have time, too. Miss you!!!

        And thank you for what you said…re: the excerpts and my writing.

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