Rough Magick Anthology :: Your next obsession

Rough Magick Anthology Collection of stories curated by Francesca Lia Block and Jessa Marie Mendez E-book available for $3.99 here Have you ever fallen in love with the wrong person? Have you ever obsessed over an ex in an unhealthy way? Have you ever felt lost in love? Consumed by love? In a love that…

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Happy Birthday, Jeff Buckley :: My Top 10 Songs

Happy Birthday, Jeff Buckley – you are missed!

My Top 10 songs

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Up here in the city feels like things are closing in :: RSOTD

Oh My Sweet Carolina (live) :: Ryan Adams
originally from the album, Heartbreaker (2000)

“I ain’t never been to Vegas,
but I gambled up my life ,
building newsprint boats I race to sewer mains.
Was trying to find me something,
but I wasn’t sure just what –
funny how they say that some things never change.”

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We’re all looking at a different picture :: SOTD

“Give me a reason to love you.
Give me a reason to be,
a woman.”

SOTD :: Glory Box :: Portishead

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