She was just a wish :: SOTD

1Keep Art Alive :: “Nightshade” :: Art by Sarah Joncas

“And it all comes down to you,
well, you know that it does.
Well, lightning strikes,
maybe once, maybe twice,
ah, and it lights up the night –
and you see your gypsy.”

Maisy of the Silence
by me

The ageless girl –
with a rip in her dress
torn from the pages
in your religion

She cut her bare-feet on faith
as you drug her between the pews
drunk on wine and the taste of skin
lapping at her alter

It all makes sense
if you close your eyes

The Growling grabbed her while you prayed
stapling her wings to his floorboards
her nails tore at the spaces
etching out a panicked plea
a silent screaming

The magician slides letters
through the cracks
make your body small, he says
hide underneath 

Mother-may-I brings loaves of regret
seasoned with the man with one gray eye
letting her apron strings fall
grab on and swing with me
down, down below

The Lover-not-met offers splinters of glass
and cut off wires
meant to bleed her free –
if only he can find her

His armies hunt for her
marking maps with ink drop weapons
placing an ambush under every tree

But she’s nowhere
and everywhere
hiding amongst the Great Empty

The ageless girl
disappearing into hopeless nothing
her breath catching on each claw
of memory
as she forgets

We all know what’s next
the hidden ever after –
The Lover donning a prince’s disguise
claiming victory

The ageless girl –
bound (again)
by someone new

Gypsy :: Fleetwood Mac

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