Everyday is silent and gray :: Random song of the day

Everyday is Like Sunday (live) :: Natalie Merchant

“Hide on the promenade,
etch a postcard,
‘how I dearly wish I was not here.'”

Sundays have always been my favorite day of the week. It is the first day of the week, a new day, and once upon a time it was a day set apart for social interactions, friends, sometimes food, sometimes dancing, conversation, and connections. Living on my own for the first few years, Sunday was my only day off of work, and I’d spend it cooking, inviting people to come over and eat and talk and hangout. After awhile it became a thing we did, and people started cooking too, bringing dishes and bottles of wine and spirits. We’d spin music and sit cross-legged on my small apartment floor, weaving together a family-of-choice.

Earlier, when I still lived at home, Sundays were a night to go out to Hollywood, dance until Monday came around to glam rock and disco and other sounds of the 1970’s. So many memories were etched into those nights, enough to fill stacks of composition books with.

Sundays still mean something special to me. There is an ease to the day that helps stimulate creativity and conversations. I write more on Sundays. I feel the artist in me come a little bit more alive. Right now, it marks the day of the week that my writing workshop meets, sitting in a circle trading ten pages, reading each other’s, giving feedback that is priceless to me, to each other.

What magic will this Sunday bring to me? What will it bring to you?


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