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Keep Art Alive :: “Adorning” :: Art by Sarah Joncas

“We are, we are, we are
but your children,
finding our way around indecision.”

Generation radiation (nowhere)
by me

Within and without misunderstanding
theses masks we’ve worn have left
marks that don’t go
far past the tripping trickle of
a texted confession

blue-light shadows slash across pale skin
and we hide inside her cover
this city of near nighttime
our golden age

all our sorrow-signs
broadcast loudly
what fingers and shiny blades
have done

as we bleed
without sound
a silenced screaming
told through a dummy’s crooked grin

we are the post-modern revolution
borne of decay and Disney ever afters
we are the stuff that dreaming destroyed
cried out in just 140 characters

all of us
half-awake in yoga pants
holding a grande sized infidelity
reeling from the burn
as it drips down our open throats

never quite waking up

Whisper to a Scream (Birds Fly) :: Icicle Works

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