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submerged (1)

Keep Art Alive :: “Submerged” :: Art by Sarah Joncas

“Saw my reflection,
covered in glass.
How it reminds me of you.”

Solana Beach (Remembered)
by me

Snapshots from late April
fall carelessly out of an earmarked page
fromĀ a book I thought lost

he pulls it out with no regard
to what the insides hold
photographs flying as if winged

they open a past Pandora
recalling the sting of a salt water

three hours before sound check
before you would become theirs
and not mine

We stood there in the sand
watching the waves crash
sinking deeper into whispered infidelity

You took my hand as if it belonged
weaved in yours
you took it as if we belonged

Later I’d stand so lost in the crowd
listening as they sang-a-long
to the one you swore was only mine

they took it from me then
stealing each note away
taking you away

She would be there
next time
stealing you back

I left before the lights went on
before the predictable pull of an encore
brought you back

before the musician’s last call

before you’d slide the ring back on
and drive away

Turn of the Century :: Pete Yorn

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