And I know that you do, too :: SOTD


“And I don’t believe in the existence of angels,
but looking at you I wonder if that’s true,
Bu,t if I did I would summon them together,
and ask them to watch over you.”

as if we were angels
by me

remarks and replies collected in daydreams
like confessions scrawled on the backside
of diner napkins
love drawn on the palm of each hand

the ink smears, blurring lines
faded late night alibis
still we persist, aching,
tumbling into something
like regret

once so close to revelation
spiritual attraction barely believed in
colliding constellations falling
from deep blue skies

all the useless hesitation
played out on a deck of counted
knitting our hands together in reverence
prayers to a pair
of godless hearts

Into My Arms (live) :: Nick Cave

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