What else should I be :: SOTD


“I wish I was like you,
easily amused.”

Tees and Teeth
by me

Kurt’s face was splayed across his chest,
on one of those parking lot after show tee shirts,
the kind you buy for five bucks,
and watch shrink and stain
and bleed into a mess.

He had this crooked tooth that I couldn’t turn away from,
staring as he talked, and laughed, and smoked another joint.

The days,
the just blew by back then,
all of us sitting on the yellow benches outside the radio station window,
Pearl Jam and Primus and Siouxsie and the Banshees battling for their three minutes,
all in the time it would take for a two cigarettes,
and a vending machine dented can of Coke.

He would sweep by me,
his feet dragging and his eyes on something unseen
far off in the October sky

He was my daydream of nirvana boy,
something to clear my head with after Algebra equations,
and pass the time until Intro to Shakespeare.

Hey, do you have a light?
Hey, do you have the time?
Hey, do you wanna get high?

All I ever did was stare at that crooked tooth,
taking in the way he smiled,
nodding and wishing myself his way.

All Apologies (live) :: Nirvana

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