I’d never have to see the day again :: SOTD


“If you close the door,
the night could last for ever.
Leave the wineglass out,
and drink a toast to never.”

by me

the clink and the clang of glasses
toasting everything
and nothing at all
a party spent alone
in a dark room
with only the television flicker
as companion

still one sits abandoned
empty and lonely
ready for another down pour
of the deepest red
I leave it out for your
inevitable return

another empty bottle abandoned
emptied completely
turning my eyes into a half-crossed disarray
drunk off disillusion
an empty stomach
emptier promises still

still here I sit
waiting on a return engagement
where words collide as you walk in
the door left unlocked
your side of the bed waiting
with a place at the table
and this empty glass

cheers to everything
and nothing much
at all

After Hours :: The Velvet Underground

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