I’d give my body to be back again :: SOTD


Keep Art Alive :: “Adorning” :: Art by Sarah Joncas

“You gave your body to the lonely.
They took your clothes.
You gave up a wife and a family.
You gave your ghost.”

fading into the spur of the moment
when night turns itself into day
eyes widening as the past disappears
in the glare of the rear view reflection

words like where and how and why
collide in the flail of limbs and liberties
dancing as fast as my quickening pulse
accompanied by a chorus of tragic belief

facing into the shadows
of this sidewalk covered in falling leaves
morning strips away every secret
as my eyes fill with forgotten tears

love spins from never say never
to the passageway of maybe perhaps
arms that fit into each space between my bones
you haunt me from the inside out

wearing your name like a tattooed bruise
you dangle my heart between your teeth
ours a three ringed circus of surprise
making the crowd gasp for air

whatever doesn’t kill us
we will write into a song
as the stacks of lies become true
and your fingers knit themselves with mine

we will just wait it out until night
comes back for us

To Be Alone with You (live) :: Sufjan Stevens

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