Keep Art Alive :: Art by Mark Keller

“With so much love all around you,
how could you never realize?
The ground above,
the sky below you,
must beat the hell out of being alive.”

by me

imprints of fingers and days in the city
choreographed to the tune of a whiskey spin
within the echoes of a family broken
scars become accessories prettied up
made into just something to see

each half-truth becomes part of the last track
fading into the configuration of chords and strings
late at night with nothing but a starless sky overhead
confessions pour out of bleeding lips
while lines intersect and turn tail

there’s no way out of this tumble and fail
the blade tip cuts into places you can no longer hide
secrets you once kept inside your rib cage
now laid out to the sun and this revolving parade
art can betray when the glamour dissipates

all hands seem to drop while the curtain falls
sometimes we need to wander to be found
when every change and run far away
leads back to the same blue door
these shadows follow your every lead

so come on
its time to go

Never Far Behind (live) :: Ryan Bingham

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