Some are silent till the chances are all gone :: SOTD


Keep Art Alive :: Art by Tom French

“Ever changing,
ever moving,
ever finding,
ever losing,
every moment of our choosing bears a cost.”

by me

ice melting in a parallel set of glasses
fire eyes confess things that lips never say
tentative fingers tapping nervously just out of reach
and you lean forward to say this is just the beginning

days spent in conversational seductions
your words sent me spinning before touch took over
nights wrapped in arms and legs and whispers
those secrets traded well how could I forget

until that thing called time collided into this glimpse
baby cries and a broken promise sat side-by-side
while you tossed a gambler’s set of dice to the sky
to determine which fool I am supposed to play now

so is this just the ending
an unexpected twist to turn all their heads
a second verse to sing out to the crowd
or is there a missing piece that I’ve yet to find

because this is something that I have no words for
just fists and fits screaming into the sun
bleeding into these twists of rhythm and rhyme
while tears choke every breath I still try to take

on this side of a midnight gone morning
without you

When You’re Here (live) :: John Fullbright

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