“I know I could have loved you,
but you would not let me.”

forget you not
by me

time takes a lonely wander around
the fading photographic memories
of a once upon you and me

iconic memorization
you had us written into every great page
tattooing stars and circles on tender skin

we became less than cinematic
when that second plane took off
folded arms and promises so ready to break

but your wide eyes still linger
in these dreams of wishful return
I write a piece of you into every line

my answer would have been yes
leaning backwards with your arms so tight
the water a rush and a pull beneath

instead there was just an echo of silence
followed by a set of shadowy lies
as you pretended to forget my name

goodbyes traded as souvenirs
as the snow fell on dirty pavement
as ex marked the spot of the end

Silver Springs :: Fleetwood Mac

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