Hold me now :: SOTD


Keep Art Alive :: Art by Auguste Rodin

“You ask if I love you,
well, what can I say?
You know that I do,
and that this is just one,
of those games that we play.”

by me

all my cards are on the table
face up with nothing to hide
palms and eyes open
telling fortunes and futures
over a second cup

you wonder what it all means
all the yesterdays that color my eyes
but everything that you seem to see
is just your reflection
and all this overwhelming fear

if you asked me to stay
to wait on this side
until you whisper yes now I’m ready
well my darling
you know that I would

but all these stops and starts
before the announcer said to begin
grays out all the edges
and leaves me at the doorway bleeding
and oh so ready to fold and run

play your hand now
or put this deck away
because I can’t play this version
of predator and prey
when I already surrendered everything

Hold Me Now :: Duncan Sheik

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