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Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire

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My Top 5 songs from Arcade Fire

1. Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
from the album, Funeral (2004)

“And if my parents are crying,
then I’ll dig a tunnel from my window to yours,
yeah, a tunnel from my window to yours.”

Opening tracks mean so much to me, and this one is shattering and bold and beautiful, the way it builds on itself, becoming bigger as it goes, yet still poetic and mesmerizing, and so full of emotion. I bought this album (Funeral) from a recommendation from a friend, without hearing a single song, so this was the first Arcade Fire song I ever heard. I replayed it five times before going on to the next song, and it is still my very favorite of theirs.

2. Rebellion (Lies)
from the album, Funeral (2004)

“Come on hide your lovers,
underneath the covers.”

From the same album, Rebellion (Lies) took on special meaning to me as it surrounded a time in my life, friends I was close to then, and all the things I loved, and obsessed over, at the time. The song became bigger than itself to me, and the lyrics still connect me back to stories and conversations from that time. Its one of those songs that begs to be played loudly (turn it up and see for yourself).

3. Ready to Start
from the album, The Suburbs (2010)

“Then I guess I’ll just begin again,
you say,
‘can we still be friends? ‘”

One of those songs that I always need to hear when getting over a break-up, and trying to get back up and start over. It is heavy with emotion, bitterness, anger, the edges of grief, sadness, and that burn of determination to not give up. Sometimes you need an anthem to breathe again, and be “ready to start” again.

4. Wake Up
from the album, Funeral (2004)

“Our bodies get bigger,
but our hearts get torn up.”

Despite the lyric of “someone told me not to cry”, in this song, it always makes me cry.¬†It is a chill-inducing song, emotionally engaging and moving, and a song that makes me feel so many fucking things at once I can’t begin to describe it. Oh my stars Funeral is one hell of an album.

5. Keep the Car Running
from the album, Neon Bible (2007)

“If some night I don’t come home,
please don’t think I’ve left you alone.”

This song speaks (sings) to my gypsy soul, to my love of the road, and of change, and of picking up and going. This is a must for a road trip mix, and the perfect accompaniment to going someplace I’ve never been before. It makes me want to say “hey who wants to get in the car and just get lost with me“.

6 thoughts on “Arcade Fire :: A-to-Z Music :: My Top 5

  1. Cool list. I dig Foo Fighters cover of Keep the Car Running. Also, check out the 6 new tracks on the Reflektor deluxe: some of the best and most underrated songs Arcade Fire have ever recorded.

    1. That is a good cover. And yes, those 6 new tracks on the deluxe are amazing. I just have other top favorites for various reasons…but I agree, quite good stuff.

  2. All very good songs. I also really like “City with no children” and “Sprawl II (Mountains beyond mountains)”, both off The Suburbs.

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