Keep Art Alive :: “Blue Velvet” :: Art by Thomas Saliot

“If I could cradle you into my arms,
I would cradle you tight in my arms,

by me

these pauses in conversation
the barely there catch in my breath
melodies that volley back to me in an echoed reassurance
they all signal this sense of falling

hesitation lingers in the doorway
blue eyes blinking back things we can’t yet say
because this was not supposed to happen
the pair of us such certain impossibility

yet we continue along this crooked path
ignoring the chorus of naysayers and stormy weather
deciding to throw all that caution to the wind
because maybe they have it all wrong

and all that no not never
well I never meant a word of it anyway
not when I find you in every story I try to tell
while you sing me into one more lyrical line

maybe this was what all the mistakes were for
missteps and bad connections
all those failures we never could patch up and mend
were we the finish line waiting to be crossed

are we the joy we never thought existed

You are My Joy :: The Reindeer Section

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