Colors your eyes with what’s not there :: SOTD


A stranger’s light comes on slowly,
a stranger’s heart without a home.
You put your hands into your head,
and then smiles cover your heart.”

by me

waking beside you in the throes of barely morning
the smell just before rain permeating through the windows above
and you are still there sleeping
eyes the color of a mid-day sky closed
dreams still flickering somewhere inside

for me this is dreaming
the sun starting to rise
sheets tangled between outstretched limbs
the just turned memory of the night
wafting slowly in the air between

we will take this with us when we leave
packed in the bag I decide to carry on
this will be in the tearful goodbye we fight to exchange
within every see you soon and I will miss you
the high cost of living an ocean away

maybe next time we will have a little longer
maybe next time you will convince me to stay
at least that’s what I tell myself as I lie awake
staring at the empty space beside me
where only memory and a phone now reside

we stand under the same sky
throwing wishes up at the stars
cursing the time and the god-damn miles
yet thanking the accidental coincidences
that brought us together at all

for now these moments are enough
for now I will just have to miss those half-closed eyes
for now we will wait for the next time
dawn does arrive

Fade Into You :: J. Mascis

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