Keep Art Alive :: Art by Ron Hicks

“You say you need someone to love you,
you say you need someone to love you,
but it ain’t me.”

At the end
by me

we used to race through the streets
hands grasped and pulse racing
the backstreets knew us by the way we smiled
when someone would catch us up against a wall

but now you say you don’t remember
the way I take my coffee
or the way your name sounds falling off my tongue
you say I never knew you
no, not ever at all

we used to ride right into the setting sun
arms wrapped tight around your waist
the pavement knew the way we curved and spun
when we raced off singing last Summer’s songs

but now I squint to see me in your eyes
as I lie in bed next to you silently staring
you turn your back now when you fall asleep
never holding me close to you
no, not ever at all

you say sorry for everything but what matters
while I forgive everything but you
packing my bags now as I finally turn to go
in a day, or two, you won’t remember this at all

Forgive & Forget (live) :: The Kooks

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