The Libertines :: Countdown to Anthems for Doomed Youth album release :: Day 4

We are getting closer, just one more day and then the album will be here and I am beyond excited. I feel like going back to the start, back to Up the Bracket again, and revisiting two tracks from the album that I love. One is full of sentiment and emotion and a wistful melancholy that somehow transcends into hope towards the end of the song. The Good Old Days speaks to me in such a personal way, turning the nostalgic gaze on its head, reminding me that though I so love looking back, and often romanticizing the past, it was never better, not really, the best of days are now.

“Because there were no good old days.
These are the good old days.”

The Good Old Days

“Daisy chains and school yard games
and a list of things we said we’d do tomorrow,
a list of things we said we’d do tomorrow.”


The second song I’m choosing for the final countdown day is the very next track on Up the Bracket, and is the final song on the album. I Get Along is impossible not to dance to. I mean it, even when I’m driving and this song comes on the urge to dance is so intense that I do a rather awkward and silly seat-belted dance which probably looks ridiculous to those driving by, but as Mr. Barât sings, “fuck ’em!”. This is another song from The Libertines that always puts me in a better mood, and is the best to scream-sing-a-long to when angry, stressed or just done with the world.

I Get Along

“I get along,
just singing my song,
people tell me I’m wrong…
fuck ’em.”


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