away we go
by me

“But I’ve got high hopes,
it takes me back to when we started.”

the crack and rattle of a long distance call
time differences turning us outside in
you draw the shades to make day match night
as we try to connect through dots and lines

across a wire
across an ocean
across a wish and a prayer

no one understands this until they do
the complications that persist
all the promises that float in the ether
blurring the red flags waving in the air

and I try to believe
and I try to bridge the gaps
and I try to live off a thin veneer of hope

airport terminals and another tour
is there any simplicity in a life as this
for a boy and a girl to tumble and fall
to make any of this real

inside a whisper
inside a distant lullaby
inside the contents of two half-broken hearts

oh how I hope this could be true

High Hopes :: Kodaline

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