Tonight you’re mine completely

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow :: The Shirelles
from the album, Tonight’s the Night (1961)

“Tonight with words unspoken,
you say that I’m the only one,
but will my heart be broken,
when the night meets the morning sun?”

3 thoughts on “Tonight you’re mine completely

  1. One of the greatest songs ever, seriously. And of course I fucking DIE when Dando covers it, not that I’ve seen it live. I wonder who else covers it, I should investigate sometime.
    Girl groups from the 60s are a particular favorite but I prefer The Shirelles to The Supremes even though I know The Supremes were THE BIG ONE.
    I love this post!!

      1. Oh nooo. Okay so there are a couple of Dando live versions & the Epic Soundtracks one on yt which is all good & fine but I tried to find this specific one that’s so good in case you hadn’t seen it & it’s not there!! It says the user’s account has been removed for 3rd party infringement something blabla violations. If I never get to see that clip again I will smash something.
        HOWEVER I’m almost certain I made that yt video into an mp3 which is better than nothing so I’ll try to look for it later and cross my fingers I have it. But in the video he gets choked up. DAMN IT YOUTUBE.

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