A melody softly soaring through my atmosphere :: SOTD


“And I do believe it’s true,
that there are roads left in both of our shoes,
but if the silence takes you,
then I hope it takes me too.”

yet untitled
by me

from a narrow vantage point
a squinted eye perspective
we are an interlocking puzzle
with maps and paths that only we can see

you hold my hand open in yours
writing stories for each intersecting line
singing them softly as you open your own
waiting with a shy smile for my tales to unwind

each space between skin and bone
the miles between this me and this you
they all disappear when you whisper my name
vanishing into the context of nothing and everything

you hold my gaze in a discordant melody
memorizing the way I blink when my pulse races
speaking slowly into my insides without words
dancing with all my darkness and light

we are a future yet to unfold
a pageant show packed up and ready to go
gyspy lovers and thieves falling into the divine
a desert kiss ready to pucker up and run

Soul Meets Body :: Death Cab For Cutie

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