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“I will stay with you tonight,
hold you close ’til the morning light,
in the morning watch a new day rise,
we’ll do whatever just to stay alive.”

by me

hesitation hangs in the arch of the doorway
and curves into the circle of your embrace
unspoken trust tied up in broken strings
that still connect to all the battered baggage
and secret scars that only blind love can see

you take my hand in yours
irregardless of the way I drag my feet
showing me the stories behind each open door
unwinding words into overexposed shots
revealing that every lie I tried to name was truth

and all this where do we go from here
turns into the cacophony of stereotypes and cut and paste
we are nothing like the way they say we should be
one for the record keepers and the gypsy thieves
a tale that no one has written yet

resignation shadows the glaring window panes
and wraps itself up in my wide eyed surrender
cracking open all my messy insides
that show you all the damage living has done
that you say hello to as you show me your own

I take your hand in mine
despite the way we volley worry and wonder
kissing each fingertip as an unspoken promise
unraveling the fray that twists and tangles
until all we have is the fragility of those three words

until all we have is this unknown everything

Stay Alive :: Jose Gonzalez

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