“Oh, if I could go back in time,
when you only held me in your mind,
just a longing gone without a trace.”

by me

pretty little angles and a sense of skin on skin
I try to shake off your memory like a poison
like an incurable disease
as the lines of you keep pouring out of me

you started off so temporary
a one night held so close oh my
say my name and then disappear
I never meant to wear this permanent stain

and did I want more
did I watch you dream wondering if my name
circled in the mists of subconsciousness
did I see you in the push and pull of ever


but you came on so damn unrequited
playing me like a simple chord progression
a deep cut in an album obscura
someone to forgive and just let go

but here you are again
clinging to the tendrils of my cruelest nature
and me the one shooting nostalgia in my veins
cutting out my heart just to watch you bleed away

The One That Got Away :: The Civil Wars

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