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Comet (2014)
Written and Directed by Sam Esmail


About the MovieComet is a 2014 American comedy drama film directed and written by Sam Esmail. The film stars Emmy Rossum and Justin Long. The movie had its world premiere at Los Angeles Film Festival on June 13, 2014. The film went on to screen at the Twin Cities Film Fest on October 22, 2014. On October 28, 2014, it was announced IFC Films had acquired all distribution rights to the film. The film was released on December 5, 2014, in a limited release and through video on demand. The film stars Justin Long and Emmy Rossum.

Brief SynopsisAfter meeting by chance at meteor shower, pessimist Dell (Justin Long) and insightful Kimberly (Emmy Rossum) begin a 6 year journey through an on-again/off-again relationship that blooms and fades over time. The movie takes you out of order in flashbacks of their timeline showing you the progression and depression of their intricate relationship, and asks the question of what is real, what is a dream, and what, if any of it, is an alternate universe.


Dell and Kimberly are star-crossed lovers whose relationship starts as an almost love at first sight moment, blossoming quickly, and then slowly unraveling during the course of six years. A chance encounter brings the two together, and sets the course for a tempestuous love affair that unfolds like a puzzle, and is told intentionally out of order. As the film zigzags back and forth in time, from their first meeting at a meteor shower in Los Angeles (at the Hollywood Forever cemetery), to a Paris hotel room where the couple is met to attend a wedding (and possibly become engaged), to a fateful long-distance phone call, an unforgettable portrait of their relationship emerges.

1Why I chose it: An unconventional. uniquely told love story that may, or may not, involve alternate realities? Yeah, I’m so there. Also, I love Justin Long and Emmy Rossum. Also, I love stories set in Los Angeles.


My thoughts in three sentences: There is something beyond words, something hard to define, about this film that touched me in a very deep, emotional way; at times. I found myself in tears that were a mix of both melancholy and joy, because this movie struck a chord with me that felt so relevant and real, and beautiful. It reminded me a lot of a relationship I once had in my life, its starts and stops, and the way that I have never been the same since.


Best: The writing and directing, the cinematography, the pacing, the style, the acting (Justin and Emmy were amazing, and the complex emotionally charged story told. Also, Sam Esmail is an amazing writer and director who also wrote/directed my favorite current television series, Mr. Robot.


Worst: Nothing, absolutely nothing. This is already a part of my list of all-time favorite movies.


Rating (out of 5): 5+++


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  1. I recently watched this too and unfortunately (for me that is!) I didn’t care for it or finish it but I did like the aesthetics in that scene you used a still from with the pinkish-red and blue lights.

    1. I think its not for everybody. I don’t know, part of it is that their story reminded me of something in my life/past, and also, I love the way the story was told, the writing, the aesthetics of it – it felt like a movie that was made for me to love (though I know that sounds terribly self-indulgent, and I don’t mean it that way).

      1. I wanted to love it but it seemed too unnatural (in the script) and convoluted. I couldn’t get with the conversation in the beginning of the movie when they were waiting in line. I guess I just felt like it was a little pretentious and the characters were boring. Normally I’m drawn to similar movies that have that aesthetic and star-crossed quality. I don’t think that’s self-indulgent at all!! I’ve felt the same from time-to-time.
        I really like things in general that have some element of space/stars/the universe even if it’s just in the title as a symbol or if it’s one specific scene in the movie or it’s a running theme. Just because it adds to that idea of timelessness and fate and has the quality of the unknown, mystery and certain things, events or people coming together at the right moment. I of course can’t come up with an example at this moment but I think Comet fits into that category.
        I don’t know why this popped into my head because it’s a different type of movie but I think what I like about the concept of Comet and the other movies I attempted to describe is also in The Fountain though through another method.

      2. I’ve never seen The Fountain, though I’ve heard a lot about it (both good and bad).Do you think I would enjoy it?

        I love space/stars/universe inclusions in films, and titles, and songs, too…now I want to see what movies I can come up with that fit in that theme…

      3. Hmm I’m not sure. It’s probably pointless for me to say this but I think you’d either like it/love it or think it’s a mess. I don’t want to seem like I just hate everything but I don’t like Rachel Weisz at all so that’s something I didn’t care for in the movie. I’ll say that it’s not a tightly made film but it’s imaginative and interesting and for me it was emotional so I overlooked any of the technical issues and the Rachel Weisz stuff. Basically Rachel’s character is dying and her husband, Hugh Jackman, is obsessively trying to find a cure (he’s a doctor and she has cancer) and Rachel (I forget their character’s names!!) writes a story that comes off like a parallel universe but the story is set a bazillions years before and eventually she can’t finish the story (cue: me weeping). It’s just one of those movies that’s about trying to stave off her literal death and their love and the way she’s able to get through it is with the story. Also not the same thing but now that reminds me of Atonement a little bit as far as the idea of rewriting history goes as the only way to get a grip on it and try to make amends with the situation. I kind of want to watch The Fountain now because as I’m explaining it and I think I forget some of it but I don’t own it.

      4. I see it’s under $5 on amazon so I might grab a copy in the next few weeks and if/when I do and watch it I’ll send you the DVD when I’m finished if you haven’t seen it by that time.

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