“The lights will draw you in,
and the dark will bring you down,
and the night will break your heart,
only if you’re lucky now.”

No vacancy
by me

early morning quakes like the big one
a forgotten song resurrecting  subconsciousness
flooding my bloodstream with memories
that meet up at the crossroad of dream and day

sometimes I think we are forgotten
criss-cross days shadowing over recollections
until everything fades into syndication
rerun airings of who I once was to you

but on days like this
you cling to the holes in my sweater
dangling precariously on a thread
weaving me back to before

late nights resurface in this break of dawn
speakers crackling as I turn up the sounds
the layered effect of your voice and mine
a melodic call and response of first falling

sometimes I think we remember
part the smog filled sky that divides street signs
I see you standing on the second step
a return to sender here to say hello

but in my clearer moments
I am the one to keep this distance
knocking back this wishing
reminding us both that we just went on

but once it was lucky
to stay in bed long past time to go
tangling limbs and borrowed sheets
giving in to what we knew we couldn’t keep

Lucky Now :: Ryan Adams

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