“It’s hard to say you love someone,
and it’s hard to say you don’t.”

Warning light
by me

the engine light persists
a glaring reminder that something unseen
has gone so very wrong
and all these tapes and wires
you pull out of your back pocket
will never make the warning go away

we wear these tell-tale markings
the silent agony of unsaid declarations
and the knowing its over
even though we line the bricks
one by one in our corners
trying to turn desolation into a home

and I pull away when you reach my side
the air retracting in my lungs
turning this room into a prison’s cage
the only key words neither want to say
so you pretend I fall asleep
and I counter with a discordant sigh

it used to be so easy to say its over
but these ties seem a tighter bound
or maybe I’m just tired
of being the one to say I’m wrong
forever waiting for you to say wake up
and not just lie in wait for my exit line

why should you get off easy
when we both see this dash light
its bright warning glare
what fool’s regard do you wear
to justify this kind of structural collapse
as you hit the gas and say we’re fine

Driving with the Brakes On :: Del Amitri

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