AlI we do is lie in wait :: SOTD


“I’ve been upside down,
I don’t wanna be the right way round,
can’t find paradise on the ground.”

by me

seashells on a string dangle at the edge of this crooked roof
they hardly chime any more
what with all this lack of wind or rain
the eaves breaking apart from nothing but sun
and all I can do is sit by the window
waiting for the inevitable fall

you gave me the music that hangs in the air
a souvenir of our sandcastle days
back when there was promise in each and every word
and shared nights didn’t end with her waiting behind your door

blackbirds on telephone lines sing in a discordant cacophony
they reach a kind of melody in disarray
a murder of crows isn’t that what you called them
carriers of this decay thrown out and left behind
residue to poison the next one to reach for my skin
killing any chance they’ll have to survive

you broke parts of me that may never fall away
unreadable scars that no one can see
until they get close enough feel their serrated edges
gashing open the smallest attempts

where does any of this leave me
where are the apologies to wipe clean this bleeding
where did you disappear to anyway
and where did you toss away the best parts of me
leaving me nothing but clanging memories
and this hole that nothing can fill

All We Do :: Oh Wonder

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