“I am yours to bear,
your mine to share my days with now.”

by me

You came here unexpected
blue eyes full of sadness
and unnamed beauty

A knight in disguise
with cracks in your armor
where the light sneaks in

Sometimes there is no warning
no clanging chimes or siren red alarms
but still we fall

and I am falling fast
into the depths of distance
and the surfaces of finally understanding

here we are floating to the salt water surface
fighting the urge to scream at the top of our lungs
tipping the balances of no no never

as I turn my cards to face you now
because there is no fight left
and you would see through these masks anyway

just try not to let go of me
because I’m not much of a swimmer
and you never learned how to at all

Yours to Bear (live) :: honeyhoney

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