When it costs too much to love :: SOTD


I said, ‘Honey, I don’t feel so good,
don’t feel justified,
come on put a little love here in my void,’
he said,’it’s all in your head,’
and I said, ‘so’s everything’
but he didn’t get it;
I thought he was a man,
but he was just a little boy.”

Burned by the sun
by me

Electric shock knocking loose the space between her bones
every single time he looks her way
and for a split second she believes in all his words
holding out her open palms to say take me in
eyes half-closed and wishing that this time love will surprise

Rock solid intentions bound up tight inside his illusion of free
but if you look right up close its all given away
the sun’s harsh light of truth exposing where the ring resides
he grabs her waist pulling her into a sleight of hand
lips opening up into a song of silent promise

Maybe he can drown his sorrows
underneath the current of seize and settle
can’t he just make it all disappear
change his name to change the story
turn away from this exposed light of day

Make a ship out of last year’s Sunday news
ink staining his fingertips
marking him up as he betrays these last days of Summer
floating on until they sink to the bottom
when all that’s left is this final disappear

A shock like this can break her
but her buoyancy is the stuff of legends and thieves
she will survive as the metal cuts into his flesh
slashing her eyes to keep the tears away
as this sunset’s verdict comes crashing down

Paper Bag :: Fiona Apple

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