Waiting in slow motion :: SOTD

waiting_for_a_train-wallpaper-2048x1152“And if you ever change you mind,
you know I’m not hard to find.
And if you ever need someone,
I’ll still be waiting.”

by me

Time ticking by in rhythmic succession
like raindrops on pavement
like tears falling down
how long is too long to wait this time

Promises exchanged through time delays
the crack of a broken connection sent
the twist of cross-country phone lines and late night sobriety
but I heard your voice say “I’ll be there”

Eventually the same trains will pass by this station
faces twisting and changing into my own reflected truth
consequence will take over tripping my sentences up
turning this heart shaped intention into water logged decay

but I will still be here waiting
for a lie that never arrives

Waiting :: The Devlins

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