Well there’s a piece of Maria in every song that I sing :: SOTD


“If dreams are like movies,
then memories are films about ghosts”

Stage Door
by me

The stage lights hit just right
highlighting the glint in his big blue eyes
saucer wide and bleeding precious resolutions
promising more than just a bow in the end

Applause feels like foreplay
lighting our skin up like Midwest fireflies
hands clasped and spinning in intersecting circles
this kind of heroine is what they make heroes for

But the ending comes fast with each passing performance
curtain calls and sold out seats turning one into none
oh where will we be without these lines to read
will these kisses ever taste the this sweet again

Or are we just a rehearsed version of this year’s lovers
made-up and dressed for these well placed stars
only together until the last intermission bell rings
and then nothing but dust cloud memories where the credits should run

What is your real name anyway?
and oh my darling,
what is real in this land of let’s just pretend today?

Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby :: Counting Crows

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