Baby I’m burning :: SOTD

1“I’m going crazy,
baby it’s true.
I want you oh,
and only you will do.”

by me

Kisses that made the world disappear
turning a black and white moment
into something close to cinematic technicolor
the taste of cherries and tobacco
and more than a little cheap rum

if I close my eyes now
I can bring it all back

The heat of that Summertime night
and no air conditioning
could never compete with the heat
beneath our skin
the fire igniting from colliding fingertips

I want you
you want me

wordless sentiments breathed into open mouths
the papered wall holding us up
as we fell so hard and fast
heart beats breaking us into pieces
lips pasting us back together again

Back in that far off before
when we were both on fire

Only You :: Anderson East

4 thoughts on “Baby I’m burning :: SOTD

  1. This is going on the list of another favorite from you. I LOVE this writing, the images you created and reading it while hearing this music. Love love love love love. Love.

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